Ok...Mindfulness Training Sounds Worth Checking Out

How do I get started?

  • Begin your practice by anchoring your attention to your breath. You can think "in" on the in breath and "out" on the out breath.
  • Whenever a thought, feeling or sensation arises during your practice, notice what is grabbing at your attention and label the experience.
  • Try to observe each thought that arises with an accepting, curious, welcoming attitude. Don't judge the thoughts and label them good or bad, just observe them arise as you would as a bystander at a parade, watching the frenzy of colorful activity go by.
  • Let all thoughts drift out of awareness on their own. You don't have to push them away because they will naturally pass on their own, in order to make room for the next "parade float" to go by.
  • After noting each thought to show itself, simply draw your attention back to the breath, and once again think "in" on the in breath and "out" on the out breath