Practice Demonstration

On the next page you will have the opportunity to acknowledge your thoughts and practice letting go of them.

Click here to watch an example of the exercise 

During your practice, each time a thought pops into your mind, type it into the box, click send, then observe it floating past you. The goal of this exercise is to maintain your position as an observer. Don't try to make the stream go faster or slower; don't try to change or turn away from the thoughts that come up, simply type them into the box and watch them float by.

If you notice yourself turning away from a painful thought or feeling, or becoming distracted by thoughts such as "I am not doing this right" or thoughts about the past that you have been avoiding, or if you notice that you have been swept downstream by your thoughts, just stop and notice that this has happened. Then, gently return your attention to your place beside the stream, and wait for the next thought to arise. When it does type this new thought on the next leaf and watch it float by.

With practice, this exercise will improve your ability to detect when you have become swept up by particularly "sticky" thoughts and help you improve your ability to let go of them.